It’s hot! Here’s a few places in KC to grab a frozen cocktail

Earl's Premier's wildly popular frozen gin and tonic / Photo Taken By Caleb Condit and Rebecca Norden

Frozen slushy cocktails are the perfect antidote to surviving those notoriously blistering summer days. 

Until recently, when you saw a frozen drink machine sitting at a restaurant’s bar, you could safely bet that it was a margarita sloshing between its rotating blades. But recently, barkeeps have begun experimenting with more thrilling concoctions, riffing on sophisticated classics and turning them into icy refreshers. 

Frozen cocktails are like a cup of childhood nostalgia—but spiked. The frosty texture imbues a blissful charm while the cooling effect is oh-so satisfying in these sweltering days of summer. We rounded up a few around the city, including the famed Earl’s Premier frozen gin and tonic. 

Earl’s Premier’s Frozen Gin and Tonic

In a city full of innovative and masterfully made cocktails, this seemingly straightforward icy gin and tonic is making a name for itself. It’s enchanting, really, because it shouldn’t be as good as it is. The slushie texture manages to round out the usual bitterness found in the classic version and gives it a sweet simplicity, all while still packing a zesty punch. 

Earl’s (651 E. 59th st. KCMO) usually has a second frozen cocktail flavor in rotation during the summer, with appearances from classics like Planter’s Punch and Paper Planes.

Enzo’s Limoncello Slushie

Enzo’s (20 E. 5th st. KCMO) limoncello is so smooth and delectable that after one sip, I had flashbacks to visiting the cool blue waters of the Amalfi Coast, where lemons can grow to be the size of your head. Turning the Italian liqueur into a sippable frozen treat just makes sense. 

Siblings and Enzo owners Grant and Laura Norris make their own limoncello and are protective of the recipe. However, I was able to get a few lowdown details into their process.

“We don’t use any pre-made slushie mixes,” Grant says. “Instead, it is a combination of limoncello, vodka, lemon juice amongst others. The key is having the lemon peel steep in alcohol for around fourteen days.”

Wild Child’s Kakigori

It feels like a disservice to compare Wild Child’s (11022 Johnson Dr. Shawnee, KS) incredibly creative kakigori cocktail to adult snow cones, but the fundamentals are there. You can recognize them by their fluffy dome shape, which is created by delicately thin shards of shaved ice made from an ice machine imported from Japan (kakigori is a Japanese dessert and literally translates to “shaved ice”).

Served in a dainty coupe, the drink is pure joy. The seasonal flavor is currently a street corn and mango mezcal, but in true Wild Child style, a non-alcoholic French 75 version is also available.

KC Wine Co.’s Wine Slushes

It’s not officially a cocktail, but I imagine a wine slushie is a fine substitute for most. KC Wine Co. (13875 S. Gardner Rd. Olathe, KS) makes what they call wine “slushes” all year long, and this thirst-quencher is quite popular. The winery rotates the slush flavor on a weekly basis, so you’re almost sure to never have the same one twice.
Check the winery’s website ( to keep updated on what kind of boozy slush you can expect during your visit. Frozen sangria, strawberry wine and peach bellini have all made appearances so far, but the caramel apple flavor that debuts this month has us ready for fall.

KC Wine Co.’s boozy apple slushes

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