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While we can’t stop ourselves from becoming older, we can definitely do something about feeling older. For many of us, we use aging as an excuse to live a lesser quality of life. The aches, pains and other ailments that we deal with become accepted as the new norm when nothing should be further from the truth. Oftentimes, these issues can be addressed for not only improving your overall health but completely optimizing it.

“Our goal is to help people feel as good as they can for as long as they can,” said Jonathan Salter, Director of Operations at EVRNU. “It’s about quality of life care. Many times, we aren’t proactive in maintaining a high quality of life by preventing the issues that can develop and that many of us live with as we get older. Patients commonly wait until they’ve been experiencing negative symptoms and conditions for years before they come to us to improve their overall wellness. Luckily, we can effectively manage patients needing preventative or corrective care.”


Personalized Care

EVRNU recently expanded its services and treatments to add to its already comprehensive range of options for total body wellness. Their cutting-edge and proven medical solutions are designed to improve sexual wellness, optimize hormones, bolster longevity, enhance physical appearance, and strengthen system functionality. Their wide array of solutions allows the practitioners to develop an individualized plan of care aimed at addressing each patient’s specific needs, so they look and feel their best regardless of their age.

“We emphasize spending ample time with our patients and ordering or performing appropriate diagnostic testing to identify the root cause of their issues, instead of masking their symptoms with a band aid without determining the cause,” Salter said. “We are patient-centric and focus on delivering personalized care while catering to each individual’s needs.” 

Women’s Health

The idea that a hormone deficiency is a normal part of growing old and just needs to be accepted is one of the most damaging myths that inhibits people from enjoying their lives as much as they can. Unfortunately, this widespread belief has caused millions of people to live with the symptoms, suffering through health decline as the years progress, or experiencing low libido, brain fog, weight gain, or another issue that lowers their quality of life and could put their relationship at risk.

One female patient had symptoms for 10 years and didn’t receive the help she needed from her primary care physician or other traditional specialists, primarily from not running the right diagnostic tests, prescribing the right medications or doses, and treating a lab value as opposed to the patient. At EVRNU, she did a complete 180 within six weeks. The depression she was experiencing was gone, she was able to discontinue unnecessary prescriptions, and intimacy returned to her relationship, which was also strained due to these issues.

“She told us, ‘This has changed my life,’” Salter said. “Her energy returned, hair loss stopped, weight gain resolved, brain fog eliminated, sexual function renewed, and her marriage was actually saved. She felt like she had a new lease on life. And this is not an uncommon story. We’ve heard it many times how our approach to addressing a hormone imbalance and wellness has changed their life.”

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Aside from hormone therapy, EVRNU addresses many other concerns that women have. Urinary incontinence is one of those concerns and is a far too common frustration. EVRNU has the most effective treatment options available for resolution.

High Quality That Is Affordable

EVRNU is one of the most comprehensive wellness clinics in Kansas City. If they can’t treat something themselves, they have developed partnerships with specialized professionals who can. Their first-class facilities feel more like somewhere you’d like to come in and stay for a while than a standard medical office. Their services provide a wide array of wellness treatments and therapies for men and women utilizing experienced practitioners and staff who truly have a passion for helping people in this field. You instantly feel comfortable and like you’re in a place that cares about you above all else.

Whether it’s IV therapy, vitamin and nutrition guidance and injections, weight-loss support, hormone therapy, sexual function optimization, or medical aesthetics, patients receive a high-level of care and high-quality services – only EVRNU offers them at a much more affordable cost than other clinics offering similar services.

“Our approach to health care is what makes us unique,” Salter said. “We are extremely dedicated to delivering results and making as many people as possible feel their best. The way to do that is to make it as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality in the products and services we provide. It’s ingrained in EVRNU’s ethos.”

Everyone embarks on their own unique journey towards personal wellness. EVRNU is committed to helping you find yours. The philosophy is simple – each person who walks through the door is not just a patient, but a part of their family. That’s why their mission is to ensure that you achieve the quality of life you deserve.

GO: EVRNU is located in the St. Luke’s Multispecialty Clinic building at Mission Farms – 4061 Indian Creek Parkway, Suite 330, Overland Park, KS 66207. You can find more info or schedule a free consultation through their website and by phone – (913) 730-7801. Don’t wait to be The Best You!

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