Here’s what readers had to say about our July 2019 beer issue

Our July issue featured listings on every brewery within an hour’s drive of Kansas City and our picks for the top 10 beers of the year, including the naming of our Beer of the Year, Tiny Clouds by BKS Artisan Ales of Brookside. (We decided to name the top 10 beers of the year in July, when people are at their thirstiest, and picked beers that took their current form sometime after July 2018.)

With Kansas City in the middle of a beer boom, eager readers pored over every listing and noted a few mistakes. Here’s what all they said.

Here’s how readers reacted to the story:

“Fantastic article about a very talented couple that bring joy to so many through their hard work and dedication to their craft and community. I’m by no means an expert but rather just an avid drinker of fine craft beer, and BKS is my favorite brewery hands down. Please go and see what all the fuss is about. You won’t be disappointed.” — Graham Glander

“Agree [Tiny Clouds is] an awesome beer, but it’s only July, still five months left in 2019!” —David Schumacher

“[Shawnee’s] Serveas is great! Visited for the first time yesterday and was very impressed! Sours are great! IPA’s were nice and juicy delicious!” —Chris Ruby

“I know it’s the big boy but Boulevard is the best. Crane Brewing and Double Shift Brewing would round out my top 3.” —Mike Allen

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