Francophiles Rejoice

Photography by Caleb Condit and Rebecca Norden.

Macarons seem to embody everything French. In typical French fashion, they’re smaller than the average American single-serving portion size, yet they are full of miraculous textures and rich flavor. The petite cookies hold so much depth it’s almost pretentious. 

If you “don’t get the hype” behind macarons, it’s most likely because you haven’t had them from Kate Smith Soirée. Macarons are Smith’s specialty among the other sweet treats she slings in her downtown Overland Park bakery.

With a stockpile of over one hundred and thirty flavors, the display case is constantly rotating with classics like lemon meringue, lavender or champagne. But Smith is also venturing beyond the traditional and experimenting with non-French flavors such as Fruity Pebble, chocolate and Guinness and cotton candy. 

This Francophile’s dedication to the tedious and time-consuming French method results in shells that have a delicate crust with a soft and chewy inside. Fillings of velvety ganaches, buttercreams and curd are sandwiched between the shells.

Smith’s two- to three-day process is key to the cookie’s freshness. Let the macaron melt in your mouth and savor it like the French—slowly and leisurely.

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