How can MFR help when other treatments have failed?

Jan Kelly at Midwest Myofascial Release Center
Jan Kelly at Midwest Myofascial Release Center

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Midwest Myofascial Release Center utilizes myofascial release (MFR) therapy, consisting of deep, sustained tissue manipulation to facilitate pain relief from fascial restrictions. Our team now includes a diverse group of individuals grounded in MFR who also have varied backgrounds in complementary disciplines.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Q: Can MFR address all aspects of my condition?

A: MFR focuses on treating the whole person. For instance, our clients often are dealing with conditions resulting from traumatic injuries and events. This means there is often a psychological as well as physical aspect to the tissue memory and resulting restrictions causing the client’s pain.

Q: How can MFR help me achieve ongoing improvement and continued relief?

A: MFR practitioners let the client guide the treatment approach. We get to know our clients – their history and current lifestyle. This allows us to customize the treatment approach, as well as offer advice on lifestyle modifications that might be beneficial to continued improvement.

Q: How can MFR help when other treatment options have failed?

A: There is no magic, universal cure, and MFR may not be the answer for everyone. However, by listening to our clients and meeting them where they are, we are often successful. Being flexible is the key.

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