I’m overwhelmed with stuff! What should I do?

Krista Williams from Neatly Done
Krista Williams from Neatly Done

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Krista Williams started Neatly Done after witnessing the power of organization in her own life to streamline daily routines and manage all the items kept in a home. The idea was to offer a turnkey organizing solution, where cluttered, chaotic spaces are efficiently transformed into simplified, beautiful spaces. Neatly Done has grown into a team of eight organizers who can quickly and expertly organize any home or business.


Q: What services do you provide?

A: Organizing, decluttering, space planning, move management, unpacking and custom closet design and installation. Neatly Done organizes pantries, kitchens, playrooms, closets, garages, offices, mudrooms, storage rooms… really just about anywhere a system will make life easier!

Q: What’s the process like to work with Neatly Done?

A: First off, it’s fun! We truly love helping others and organizing is our jam! We start each project with a consultation to align on goals and preferences. Then, we design a custom plan. We procure necessary organizing supplies and return to organize and install. We haul away donations and coordinate with other necessary vendors.

Q: I’m overwhelmed with stuff! What should I do?

A: Pull everything out of the space and sort items into categories. Purge broken, unused and unwanted items. Contain like items together. Label the containers, which will help keep your space tidy.

Q: What is your best organizing tip?

A: Declutter first and THEN buy containers. We know baskets are super cute and alluring, but you need to know what you’re storing and your storage dimensions before you purchase!

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