In Parkville, a stunning new doughnut shop with train car seating

Incahoots looks more like a playground than a coffee shop. The new Parkville spot (100 S. Main St., Parkville) opened in June in a former rail station with two 1920s Pullman train cars providing seating. The exterior is painted in cheerful reds and yellows.

Ryan and Emily O’Laughlin thought their city needed a good doughnut shop. Incahoots offers a rotation of cake doughnuts in flavors like blueberry with lemon glaze, s’mores, red velvet and apple crisp. Especially noteworthy are the sour cream old-fashioneds glazed with sweet and salty caramel. Biting into this one is particularly satisfying. The delicate ridges of the doughnut break gently between your pearly whites and release the lightest crumbs.

You can’t have doughnuts without coffee. The Incahoots coffee program features a signature blend from Crossroads-based Marcell Coffee. And here is where the shop’s name starts to make sense: The O’Laughlins are centering their business around local collaboration. It all comes together in the shop’s signature barrel-aged coffee, a cherry-tinged roast made possible by the sharing of Restless Spirits bourbon barrels with Marcell.

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