Baby, it’s cold outside!

Photography by Kelly Powell.

It doesn’t get much better than sipping hot cocoa by the fire when it’s below zero outside. This local chocolatier is making some of the best hand-crafted hot chocolate bombs around and they’re sure to warm you right up. Yummies by Yoka has a delicious assortment of uniquely flavored hot cocoa bombs.

Hot cocoa bombs are just what they seem—balls, “or bombs,” of chocolate shells filled with goodies like marshmallows, butterscotch chips and cocoa powder. When hot milk is poured on top, they burst and melt into especially decadent hot chocolate.

Amanda Yoka founded her cottage bakery Yummies by Yoka in 2016, and every winter she offers hot cocoa bombs, including favorites like s’mores and Butterbeer. Using two-piece silicone molds, Yoka handcrafts her oversized cocoa bombs with Merckens-brand chocolate and packages them each with step-by-step instructions on how best to enjoy these treats. S’mores bombs are stuffed with marshmallows and have a graham cracker and toasted marshmallow finish on the outside—all the aesthetics of a warm winter treat straight out of a Hallmark movie. “The bomb explodes marshmallows from the middle once hot milk is poured over top,” Yoka says. 

Butterbeer cocoa bombs are made with a white chocolate shell and infused with butterscotch chips, thick butterscotch and cocoa. This bomb feels like Diagon Alley has come to your living room and might even inspire a last-minute Harry Potter movie night. Yoka highly recommends using hot milk or coffee over the bombs to add to their rich, decadent texture. They’re sure to kick a relaxing winter night up a notch.  

Cocoa bomb orders can be placed now through February via Yoka’s website, with new seasonal flavors popping up every month.

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