KC’s Betty Rae’s changes ownership again…but this time more amicably

Photo Courtesy of Betty Rae's

Betty Rae’s Ice Cream has been a KC staple since it opened in 2016. Alec Rodgers, who took ownership of the beloved shop in 2021, is officially handing the reigns to Shatto Milk Company Vice President Matt Shatto.

Selling the ice cream company to Shatto includes Betty Rae’s KC two locations in Waldo and River Market, along with the ice cream truck. With Shatto’s entrepreneurial knowledge of the local business scene, the change in ownership is well received and met with high hopes.

Betty Rae’s will still offer its signature ice creams and all employees will remain.

Shatto plans to expand Betty Rae’s physical locations along with making the ice cream available at grocers, partner with local restaurants partnerships and get the much-loved ice cream truck at more corporate, family and neighborhood events. Rodgers will remain with Betty Rae’s for the foreseeable months to help with the transition.

Rodgers took over as owner after some controversy came out about the previous owner David Friesen. According to the recent press release, Rodgers always “planned for a sale after realigning and recommitting the Betty Rae’s brand to its core of high-quality ice cream and a respected local brand.”

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