Lady boss designer Kelsie Lauck talks style and homebrewing

Kelsie Lauck’s passion for style and clothing started with her dolls. “I would do fashion shows with my Barbies,” she says. “I also had a computer game called Barbie Fashion Designer.” Years later, she pursued a degree in fashion design at L.A.’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Lauck now runs her own design studio at her home in Richmond, Missouri, where she and her husband enjoy homebrewing in their free time. We sat down with Kelsie and talked style and beer.

How would you describe your style?

I try to do girly but not overstated girly. For example, I added combat boots and a leather jacket with this outfit. A tad girly but more tomboyish.

What is your favorite thing in your closet?

My leather jacket. Hands down. It’s my signature and has been since I was 18. I joked that for my wedding, I wanted a white leather jacket with “Wifey” written on the back for pictures.

What’s your favorite store to shop at?

Target. Most of my clothing is from Target. If I’m out shopping, it’s not even a question of where I’m going.

Any trends you’re loving this fall?

I’m glad duster sweaters are still a thing. I like how flattering they are and how, with them, you can play with proportions in outfits. I’m also excited that snake print is becoming a thing — it’s a little more neutral than a leopard print.

If you had unlimited funds to spend on any one item, what would you buy?

A Louis Vuitton tote bag. I’m not a big label or logo person, but for that, I would be.

What’s your claim to fame?

I was on an episode of MTV’s True Life. It wasn’t about me but my roommate. It was True Life: I’m a College Freshman.

What’s your favorite beer you’ve brewed?

My favorite is what we called Hopical Daydream. It’s a variation off of the first one we brewed, which was a Chinook IPA. We got Tropica hops from a place called Mighty Axe Hops, based out of Minnesota.

What are your favorite breweries in Kansas City?

Casual Animal. We love them. Every time they release a new beer, we go there. Number two is Strange Days — we actually did our engagement pictures there. Third would be Double Shift.

Kelsie Lauck's favorites

Kelsie’s Favorites:

Georgina Herrera Les Racines Gold Medallion

“My husband got this necklace for me, and I wear it with almost anything.” $170,

Casual Animal Crowler

“My friend bought four crowlers for our wedding so we could drink Casual Animal beers. This is one of the cans they did for KC Design Week.”


“This is a picture of the lake in Colorado I got engaged on. It hangs in my living room — I want to keep it forever because it means something.”

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