Magic Noodle makes its noodles by hand and delivers them by robot

There’s a THUMP every few minutes at Magic Noodle (8013 W, 159th St., Overland Park), the south Overland Park Chinese restaurant which brought traditional hand-pulled noodles to KC last year.

Magic Noodle makes lamian by hand THUMP in an open kitchen visible from the dining room. These simple noodles are a staple in China, made only from flour, salt and water—plus the laborious THUMP process you can watch, which requires the cooks to knead, twist and stretch each order.

The noodles are the star of soups like the Magic Beef, which find them sopped in a savory broth with sliced beef, a little pickled radish and some herbs. In another fresh twist, those noodles are THUMP delivered to tables by a toddler-sized robot that steers around obstacles in the room to bring your order from the kitchen.

It makes for a full sensory experience, even before THUMP the bowls arrive.

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