Meet Kansas City’s best-dressed restaurant staffer

Keith Goldman

Keith Goldman of 1900

Keith Goldman has been wearing bow ties since 1987, when a sales clerk at Sheplers showed him how to tie one by practicing on his thigh. Today, the bow ties are a signature element of Goldman’s impeccable sartorial taste. (Other elements include clever glasses and handsome tailored suits from Houndstooth in the River Market.) For guests at The Restaurant at 1900, where Goldman is the general manager, part of the experience is being greeted by his winning smile and squinting at the tiny pattern printed on his bow tie.

Goldman has over 100 bow ties in his collection. They’ve been gifted, custom-made and purchased from everywhere from Halls to Boomerang. There are two ties in particular that Goldman holds most dear and will break out for special occasions: The tie he got married in 23 years ago, made by Kansas City-based Asiatica out of vintage kimono fabric, and the raptor-themed tie his wife, Amy, got for him when their son was born 19 years ago.

Goldman’s preference for bow ties developed over time.

“To me, it just makes sense,” he says. “My bow tie never falls in my soup. Watch straight tie people — always adjusting, straightening, centering. Who has time for that?”

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