New 2023 food vendors at KC’s nationally recognized farmers market

Photo Courtesy of Overland Park Farmers Market

Last year, the Overland Park farmers market was voted the nation’s No.1 Farmers Market by America’s Farmers Market Celebration, an organization that highlight’s markets across the country that “make a difference for farmers, ranchers, and communities.” 

Located in downtown Overland Park, the market is a breeze to navigate and conveniently shaded under a massive awning. Throughout it, you’ll find fresh produce grown by local farmers alongside food trucks and local makers. Shoppers can enjoy a one-stop-shop experience with the variety offered whether it be seasonal veggies, small batch skincare products, Missouri wines, or food truck empanadas.

See below for a list of the new food vendors making an appearance for the 2023 season.

Force of Nature Farm

Farmer Ryan Haake seeks to provide the most nutritious and delicious food to KC by using no-till regenerative practices. He works with the land instead of extracting from it, seeking to reduce the negative effects conventional agriculture can have. All the packaging he uses is 100% biodegradable bio plastic made from non-GMO corn. 

Rusted Plowshare

The Payne Family Farm provides not only “beyond the grain” lamb and beef, but seasonally available chestnuts and berries straight from a completely converted corn and soy farm. Their unique lamb and beef is non-GMO, pesticide free, pasture-raised and rotationally grazed. Plowshare grows one thousand pounds per day of microgreens and feeds them to lambs and steers to produce incredibly tender and tasty meats. 

Sturdy Stem Mushrooms

Dave Senter and his fiance found it difficult to find a variety of mushrooms in the area and so they began growing for themselves and friends, eventually deciding to make a business of it. They love providing fresh, healthy produce to their local area and grow a variety of gourmet mushrooms including oysters, shiitake, and lions mane through Sturdy Stem Mushrooms.

Tiny Greens to Go/Bumble Bee Macarons

This vendor sells microgreen salad kits using ingredients from the Overland Park Farmers Market. In a twist, you can also buy thirty different flavors of macarons.

Fika Coffee KC

Fika Coffee KC is a mobile coffee cart that serves craft espresso drinks. Classics include chai tea lattes, hot chocolate, and seasonal offerings. Syrups are handmade and they use a roaster located in Grandview, Notion. They also use local Hildebrand Farms milk.

Hungry Munchkin

Hungry Munchkin is a Kansas City-based company focused on fusion tamales. With flavors coming from Asian, Latin, Mediterranean, and Kansas City BBQ cuisines using local ingredients.

Luca Bagel

Luke Salvatore is the co-founder of Providence Pizza with locations in Kansas City and Oklahoma. Last year, inspired by his Jersey roots, he set out to learn the bagel-craft.  At Luca Bagel, bagels are hand-rolled before undergoing a long cold fermentation process, which helps give the bagels their flavor and color.  Bagels are boiled then baked in pizza ovens. Our previous Editor-In-Chief Martin Cizmar even questioned, “Are these Kansas City’s new best bagels?

Panini’s Bakehouse

Panini’s Bakehouse slings pastries, bread, and a wide variety of baked goods. Owner Haneen Ibrahim will be showcasing her love for middle eastern pastries as well as vegan and gluten free options.

The Farmers Market is open 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays starting April 15 and Wednesdays starting June 7.

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