New sights, sounds and reads to look out for in October 2019


Stars Are the Light, Moon Duo

The neo psych-rock band makes a dramatic departure with the disco-tinged Stars Are the Light. The band’s seventh album has softer edges, funkier beats and openly embraces digital beeps, blimps and boops as it aims to “connect the body to the stars.”

MoonDuo Album


Joe Posnaski, Houdini

Former Kansas City Star scribe Joe Posnanski had an instant blockbuster with his 2012 biography of Joe Paterno. That success was immediately followed by plummeting sales and scorn over his “relentless, failed defense of Penn State’s disgraced coach” after fresh revelations in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal. Here’s hoping his new Houdini bio fares better.

Houdini Book


Almost Family

Based off an Australian television series, Almost Family follows Julia Bechley (Brittany Snow), who discovers that her father used his own sperm to impregnate over 100 women while working as a fertility doctor. Bechley unites with two half sisters — a former friend and a retired Olympic athlete — and form an anomalous bond.

Almost Family


“We make fun of something that is the complete opposite spectrum of fun.”

Alyvia Elliott to KCUR. Elliott is spearheading a movement to change the nickname of popular Kansas City sledding spot “Suicide Hill,” which is technically named Brookside Hill, after losing her husband

to suicide.

Guest List: 4 people we would love to chat with

John Sherman

John Sherman

The new owner of the Royals is a local businessman who bought the team for a reported $1 billion. We want to know why he’s making such a huge investment despite falling attendance and about his plans for making the team more competitive.

Usha Reddi

Usha Reddi

The Manhattan city councilwoman is one of 10 candidates running to replace retiring Kansas Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts. If elected, she would become the first Hindu to serve in the Senate.

Julia Flesher

Julia Flesher Koch

Given that her late husband David Koch was worth about $50 billion, it’s safe to assume Julia Flesher Koch is now one of the richest people in Kansas. Will she continue to fund conservative causes or pump even more Koch money into public broadcasting and the arts?

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

The Michelin-starred chef and television personality is opening his first Midwest restaurant. The menu will feature legendary Ramsay dishes like roasted beef wellington and sticky toffee pudding.

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