Not Your Grandma’s Hosiery

Fine Folk Socks
Photo by Samantha Levi

The latest footwear trend has nothing to do with shoes and everything to do with what’s underneath them: sheer socks. You might also call them hosiery that stops just above the ankle. New models of the timeless garment can be found at most stores now in varying patterns, designs and colors.

Finefolk ( carries a few designs of sheer socks from the brand Swedish Stockings—the Vera Net Socks ($18) are a classic micro-net pattern and come in black, ivory and wine. But you can find more affordable alternatives at places like Target—I picked up a pair for under $5 while grocery shopping. Be warned: I managed to puncture one with my nail before getting them onto my feet, creating a run from one end to the other. Still, I’d give stylish sheer socks another try with a pair of kitten heels or booties. 

Vera Net Socks, $18, Available in black, ivory and wine,

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