Only die-hard Chiefs fans will get 100% on this bandwagon-busting quiz

1. How did Lamar Hunt’s father, H.L. Hunt, make the family fortune?

A. Playing poker in New Orleans

B. Shipping and storage

C. Texas oil fields

D. Both A and C

2. Norma Knobel Hunt, wife of Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt, is the only woman to have done what?

A. Own a winery that’s been awarded five double golds at the New York International Wine Competition

B. Serve as principal of Richardson High School

C. Serve as the GM of an MLS team

D. Attend every Super Bowl

3. What was the halftime entertainment at the first Chiefs Super Bowl win?

A. A reenactment of the Battle of New Orleans from the War of 1812

B. Anita Bryant performing with the Southeast Missouri State marching band

C. An all-star chorus performing a Disney medley

D. The Pee Wee football national championship

4. The only playoff game the Chiefs played at the old Municipal Stadium is notable for being what?

A. The longest game in league history

B. The game with the mostfuture Hall of Famers ever on the same field

C. The last Christmas Day game played for 17 years

D. Both A and C

5. Which logo has NOT been used by Hunt’s football franchise?

A. Image From Ios (7)

B. Image From Ios (4)

C. Logoimage From Ios (6)

D. Image From Ios (5)

6. Could Patrick Mahomes throw a football between Arrowhead Stadium and Kauffman Stadium?

A. Yes

B. No

7. Which Chiefs great’s number was retired by the team, even though he is not enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton?

A. Running Back Abner Haynes’ #28

B. Placekicker Jan Stenerud’s #3

C. Linebacker Willie Lanier’s #63

D. Linebacker Bobby Bell’s #78

8. Which Chiefs Hall of Famer’s number was NOT retired?

A. Quarterback Joe Montana’s #19

B. Derrick Thomas’ #58

C. Tight end Tony Gonzalez’s #88

D. Both A and C

9. Which former Chiefs head coach won a Super Bowl as head coach of another team?

A. Marty Schottenheimer

B. Marv Levy

C. Dick Vermeil

D. Romeo Crennel

10. Which accomplishment has NOT been achieved by a former Chiefs Quarterback?

A. Elvis Grbac named People’s Sexiest Athlete

B. Tyler Palko top passer in Pitt history

C. Rich Gannon named NFL MVP

D. Dave Krieg inducted into Seattle Seahawks ring of honor

11. Who did NOT start as quarterback for the Chiefs in the years before Patrick Mahomes?

A. Tyler Thigpen

B. Nick Foles

C. Brady Quinn

D. Case Keenum

12. Which horse is Warpaint, the pinto ridden by a Chiefs cheerleader?

A. Image From Ios (3)

B. Image From Ios (1)

C. Image From Ios (2)

D. Image From Iosh


  1. D. H.L. Hunt was an avid poker player who won a small fortune in a game in New Orleans and then parlayed that into the purchase of the richest oil field in the world from a wildcatter named Dad Joiner.
  2. D. “The First Lady of Football,” Norma Hunt has attended every single Super Bowl, along with just over a dozen men, most of them in the media.
  3. A. The game was played at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans and featured the Southern University marching band and a bizarre reenactment featuring Redcoats, horses and cannons.
  4. D. The 1971 AFC Divisional playoff game went on for an uninterrupted 82 minutes and 40 seconds on Christmas Day, prompting the league to discontinue Christmas games for almost two decades. The Chiefs ultimately bested a Miami Dolphins team that, the next season, became the only perfect team in NFL history.
  5. C. This logo belonged to the other Dallas Texans which folded after one season and went on to become the Baltimore Colts.
  6. B. Sorry, even the might Mahomet can’t do that, it’s 476 yards between stadiums. Mahomet has been recorded throwing 90 yards.
  7. A. Abner Haynes was a standout running back for the franchise in the AFL years but has no been inducted into Canton.
  8. D. The numbers worn by Montana and Gonzales are still in circulation. They were the most recently worn by a pair of undrafted free agents.
  9. C. Dick vermeil won with the St. Louis Rams before coming to KC. Marty Schottenheimer has somewhat famously never played in a Super Bowl, the winningest coach to never do so, while Marv Levy lost four in a row with the Bills.
  10. B. Tyler Palko is not the top passer in Pitt history, that’s still Dan Marino. Elvis Grbac was indeed named the Sexiest Athlete Alive by People magazine, though the editor later admitted it was an error. Even more improbably, Rich Gannon was indeed the league MVP while with the Raiders.
  11. D. Nick Foles won the Super Bowl the year after playing for the Chiefs. Brady Quinn as played for seven teams including the Chiefs while Case Keenum has played for eight teams not including the Chiefs (yet).
  12. A. Warpaint is a pinto horse with white splotches on brown.

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