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Photography provided by Askinosie Chocolate.

Missouri’s very own Askinosie Chocolate is so much more than just a trendy bean-to-bar factory. The chocolate bar company, which Food & Wine magazine declared has “the best chocolate in the United States,” is also on a mission to help the people that help source and create Askinosie’s very gourmet and expensive chocolate. Founder and CEO Shawn Askinosie is doing this through education and social programs in the often impoverished countries where cacao beans are sourced. These programs are administered via Askinosie’s Chocolate University. 

But back to the statement-making chocolate bars. Printed on each bar’s packaging are the name of the bean, the area it was grown in, an image of the lead farmer and other details about where the chocolate came from. The black-outlined image of the farmer printed on brown paper makes for a very rustic yet chic-looking package.

The Dark Milk Chocolate and Fleur de Sel bar, made with cocoa beans grown in the Philippines, goat’s milk powder and organic sugar cane, is a Kansas City magazine top pick. The 62 percent chocolate bar has a slight and subtle fruity flavor that compliments the rich and creamy chocolate.

The Askinosie chocolate storefront and factory are located in Springfield, Missouri, but the chocolate can be found at various retailers throughout the metro, including Whole Foods. (askinosie.com)

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