Shell Out

Photography by Caleb Condit and Rebbeca Norden

Let your inner child take over when you walk into Reyna’s Mexican Bakery and dart toward the colorful bread section. If you arrive early enough, you might snag a fresh-out-the-oven concha, a traditional Mexican sweet bread roll with a crackled, seashell-like topping. About the size of your hand, conchas have a subtly sweet taste reminiscent of shortbread. The concha’s slightly crunchy top contrasts perfectly with its fluffy texture.

Reyna’s (727 Kansas Ave., KCK) might have the best conchas in Kansas City. They’re baked fresh every day and never seem to taste stale, a fate that plagues so many baked goods when left out too long. Tacos, served on the opposite side of the bakery, are a huge draw to the KCK bakery, too, but this is one of those rare spots where I let the unnaturally bright-pink baked goods pull me in.

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