That ‘70s Style

Photography by Samantha Levi.

Mid-century modern has been in style for a few years now, but current design trends are inching up the timeline.

The focus is still nostalgic styling with whimsical statement pieces, but today’s trends are moving past the Atomic Age—now, seventies and eighties influences are popping up in home decor, with bold vintage colors like burnt orange and avocado. It’s shifting from the Eames era to texture-driven pieces, like velvet fabrics, bold prints, and surprising shapes.

Exaggerated angular furniture with surprising soft curves. And a focus on statement accessories, such as a set of colorful textured chairs or eye-catching light fixtures that add pops of visual interest.

This trend is modernizing the style of past decades with a more grown-up and modern sensibility. This familiar vintage style meshes contemporary taste with bold, nostalgic styling to make your space feel unique to you.

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