The Best of Kansas City 2019 winners are in

Kansas City has a lot of great and plenty of good. For our annual Best of KC issue, we skip right past all that and go straight to the tippy-top. In the pages that follow, you’ll find 53 picks for the best of the best poutine, selfie studio and death-themed boutiques from our editors. Plus, we have the best in barbecue, TV newscasts and 138 other categories as voted by readers.

Looped In

Some of the best things in Kansas City are hidden in plain sight. You never know when you’re going to find a parking deck with a grassy dog park on top of it or a Catholic Church with an old-school bowling alley in the basement.

Best Crosswalk: Augusta & Northridge Drives in KCK

Best Miniature Golf: Nelson-Atkins Art Course

Best Roof: Cosentino’s Market P&L Parking Deck

Best Bar Rules: Chez Charlie

Sofar Sounds
Photo courtesy of Mark Cartier for Sofar Sounds

Best Secret Concert: SoFar Sounds

Best Frisbee Golf Hole: Hole 1 at Waterworks

Best Place for an Internet Date: Parlor

Best Audiophile Party: Listyn KC

Best Dance Club: Kanza Hall

Major League Quidditch Kansas City Stampede

Best Fiction-Based Sports Team: Kansas City Stampede

Best Random Street Artist: Pop Up Charlie

Best Random Photographer: Photo Bus

Wonder Wonder

Best Selfie Studio: Wonder Wonder

Best Genre Film Festival: Panic Fest

Best LEGO Geek Group: Kansas City Brick Lab

Best Basement Bowling Alley: St. John’s Catholic Club

Readers’ Choice Winners

Food & Drink

When it comes to the best food and drink in KC, we’re not here to argue with you about barbecue or wings. Rather, we want to introduce you to some tastes you may not have yet encountered, such as the unique taco style at the Northland’s In-A-Tub or the killer beef jerky at a bougie River Market butcher shop.

Best Hoagie (Pork-Free): Hook ’Em Up at M&M

Best Historical Taco Style: In-A-Tub Powdered Cheese Tacos

Best Taco Thursday: P.R.’s Place

Best Poutine: Q39

Kansas City Donuts

Top 10 Donuts in Kansas City

Best Brigadeiro: Sweet Kiss Brigadeiro

Best Food Delivery Service: Fritz’s

Best Place to Get Cookies With Your Face on Them: Swoon Cookie Crafters

Best Waffle Imported From Hong Kong: The Waffle Bar

Church of Pi

Best Pizza Party: Cult of Pi

Best Chicken Strips (Breakfast Division): Kate’s Kitchen

Best Sports Museum (With Beer): Chappell’s

Best Mobile Coffee Shop: The Wild Way

Monarch Coffee

Best Ultra Zen Coffee Shop: Monarch

Best Refills: Brick House

Best Beef Jerky: Local Pig

Readers’ Choice Winners

Animals, Humans & Media Personalities

You’re holding your favorite magazine in Kansas City, obviously. But what about your favorite local podcast or pig rescue group? Wait, you don’t have a favorite pig rescue yet? Well, here are our picks for the best animals, humans and media personalities in KC.

Best Famous Football Dog: Cupcake

Best Dog Oasis: Bar K

Best-Dressed Restaurant Manager: Keith Goldman of 1900

Best Mascot’s in Kansas and Missouri

Best Goat Yoga: Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead

N2 Broadcasting

Best Student-Run Broadcast Program: N2 Sports

Best Feline-Themed Paradise: Whiskers Cat Café

Kansas City Pig Rescue

Best Pig Protectors: Kansas City Pig Rescue

Best Seafood Podcast: City Rag

Best Local Food Podcast (Non-Seafood): Open Belly

Readers’ Choice Winners

Shopping and Self Care

Whether you’re in the market for a cool new T-shirt or a hat worthy of a trainer’s box at the Kentucky Derby, Kansas City is a great place to shop. Here are some of our favorite unique spots.

Best Writer’s Paradise: The Pen Place

Best Death-Themed Store: Noir

Photography by Samantha Levi

Best Time Machine: Boomerang

Best Capturing of Kansas City Ethos on a T-Shirt: Raygun

Best Make-Your-Own-Candle Spot: Embers

Best Hat Store: The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece
Photo courtesy of The Missing Piece Facebook

Best Antique Store to Get Lost In: River Market Antiques

Best Game Night: Pawn & Pint

Best Mini-Me: Doob 3D

Best Gaming Experience That Never Happened: FlipSwitch VR

Best Pay-It-Forward Clothing Brand: MADI Apparel

Hayley Besheer Santell with Madi Apparel
Hayley Besheer Santell with Madi Apparel

Best Winter Wonderland: The Painted Sofa

Best Pop-Up Flower Shop: The Petaler

Readers’ Choice Winners

Social Media

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