The quiet luxury trend is taking over KC

Photography by Samantha Levi

Quiet luxury isn’t as stuffy as minimalism, but it’s more polished than the coastal grandmother aesthetic we saw trending earlier this year. In many ways, it is the opposite of fast fashion,  focusing on mindful shopping and investing in pieces that can be worn after fads have cycled.

This trend celebrates the art of subtle beauty and restraint, focusing on true craftsmanship and refined details. Often also referred to as an old money aesthetic, the quiet luxury style relies on a sophisticated timelessness of minimalist design that moves starkly away from an emphasis on brand names.

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lopez, who often make headlines for their flashy clothing choices, have noticeably broken from their old ways and been seen rocking this subtle style.

The focus with this trend is prioritizing well-made, elegant and often simple pieces that will be able to be worn even when the fads of the moment subside.

Model Amy Appleton Dreyer @stepsofstyle is wearing a Raey knit top with a Miu Miu bralette, paired with pants by upcycle brand Better, Cos shoes and Naru Studio bag, all curated from her own closet.

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