The teacup pig craze made a mess — this rescue group is cleaning it up

Kansas City Pig Rescue

In the land of BBQ and bacon, a pig rescue organization is sure to stand out. The Kansas City Pig Rescue Network ( is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of pet pigs in Kansas and Missouri.

KCPRN started out during the short-lived teacup pig craze because of the false expectation that miniature pig breeds stay small their whole lives when, in reality, they can grow to over 100 pounds. Owners were giving up their pigs once they grew to their adult sizes.

“Many people don’t realize that all pigs of every breed grow for five years, and the only way to keep them small is through purposeful, long-term starvation to stunt their growth,” says KCPRN president Kayli Houk. “This is abuse, and the results are life threatening if not fatal.”

Luckily, there aren’t many cases of false size expectations anymore due to the organization spreading this awareness. Now, their rescues are mainly abuse and neglect cases and strays. Houk says the main reason pigs end up in the care of her group is because owners don’t spay or neuter them.

“Pigs are incredibly smart, very strong and ruled by their hormones from a very young age,” Houk says. “Intact pigs can be aggressive, territorial and difficult, if not impossible, to potty train.”

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