There’s a new noninvasive, more cost-efficient alternative to Botox and filler making its way to the Midwest 

Photo courtesy of The Bungalow
Photo courtesy of The Bungalow KC

Caitlin Haghmanesh is an entrepreneur and Chicago native who splits her time between the Midwest and Cali, where she learns the latest treatments and techniques in beauty. Currently, she works as a permanent makeup artist at KC PMU Studio at The Bungalow, which she co-owns in the Crossroads.

She’s been practicing a relatively new cosmetic treatment that may serve as an alternative to Botox and filler, and it’s gaining popularity in the Midwest for its anti-aging effects.

It’s called fibroblasting, and it’s used to reduce the appearance of aging on the skin. “Fibroblasting is newer to the states,” Haghmanesh says. “It’s been practiced in other countries as a means of treating burn victims. I use a small machine to go into the skin and make tiny little burn marks to singe the top of the skin.” After she singes tiny circles into targeted areas, they scab and heal to reveal softer, smoother and younger-looking skin. 

When fibroblasting is done around the upper lip area, it lifts the lip upward, giving the appearance of a fuller lip without injections—the procedure has commonly been referred to as a “lip flip.” The cauterized skin pulls taut and appears firmer and lifted. 

“It’s such a cool alternative to injections because it’s noninvasive,” Haghmanesh says. She also says that fibroblasting typically only has to be done once a year, whereas Botox and fillers are usually administered every few months. 

Photo courtesy of The Bungalow KC

In addition to fibroblasting, Haghmanesh is certified in scalp pigmentation, scar camouflage, microblading, powder brows and lip blushing—permanent makeup procedures that have been booming in the Midwest more recently, too. “Permanent makeup isn’t just tattooing; there’s a lot to it,” Haghmanesh says. “I’m trying to make people here less scared about the process.” 

Lip blushing, one of the permanent makeup procedures, offers another alternative to lip fillers. The procedure involves needling pigment onto the lips to achieve the desired color. The deposit of ink also plumps the lips, giving them a fuller look without the risk of looking overdone. 

Photo courtesy of The Bungalow KC

Haghmanesh believes in creating artful cosmetic results that give a natural and realistic look. “I want to enhance a person’s natural beauty, not change it,” she says. So she customizes each procedure to a person’s face and bone structure. 

“Everything on social media right now is filters and smoke screens,” Haghmanesh says. “I want to let people know that there are cosmetic options available that enhance your natural beauty. They’re not all bad—you don’t have to not look like yourself or look overdone.”

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