What readers said about the controversial Super Bowl halftime show

How readers reacted to the Super Bowl halftime show

The hottest topic on our social media channels last month was the controversial Super Bowl halftime show featuring performances by shimmery-costumed pop stars Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.
The memorable show played off Miami’s Latino heritage and featured hits like “Hips Don’t Lie.” However, some readers objected to the performance.

“Where was the talent? Nice bodies, yes, but are they so insecure they have to show it off to everyone? I’m sure a lot of men loved it, but what are we teaching our younger generation? ” — Jackie Anderson-Alcon

“We watched for the commercials. Then I watched the halftime show to only turn off the TV. If I wanted to see crap like that I’d go to a gentlemen’s club.” — Perry Brown

“So sad; talented ladies stooping to such sleaze and discrediting themselves and their talent. Lost respect for both.” — Mavis Ariola Richardson

“For the people who think, ‘Shakira and J.Lo are two old ladies trying to look relevant,’ the only thing I see are those who look green with envy wishing they looked half that good at fifty. The show may not have been the best there has ever been, but my gosh they looked great and can move like they’re twenty-five!” — Trish Lanman

“A stripper show just like I thought it would be. My eleven- and eight-year-old nieces both said it was inappropriate for kids.” — Kim Wegner

“My five-year-old son watched with me and we danced to the songs and he loved it. So did I. It was fun. I wish my world was so small I could be offended by it, but I guess when you live a great big life you don’t get offended by things that don’t intentionally hurt people.” — Courtney Lewis

“As an entertainer, their political choices don’t mean anything to me. I don’t watch the Super Bowl to hear political references. I was so put off by the entire thing, I folded laundry.” — Linda Meador Stewart McGinnis

“I’m tired of pop artists who just go out and dance around with eighty people and it’s more of a circus act. Get live musicians in there. Get some rock bands in there for a change.” — Brent Soboleski

“I loved it! Have always been a fan of Shakira and J.Lo. Very talented, beautiful women. People are commenting, ‘We are in America, do it in English.’ Whatever. I love the Spanish culture. I think too many people are intimidated by them.” — Joy Brimm

“Goes to prove you do not have to be ‘young’ to be so agile and attractive! Shakira is forty-three and J.Lo is fifty. Amazing performers.” — Joyce Denton

“It was a lip sync Vegas show. Only thing live vocally was when the kids came out. Let’s have Bruno Mars back! Actual musicians entertaining without relying on other dancers to make up for all that’s lacking.” — Charlie Stendebach

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Readers reacted to…

the Nelson-Atkins Museum acquiring the only known photo of pre-Civil War slaves on a plantation for $324,500.

They said….

Look at all the things $324,000 could have done for the local black community versus buying a photograph. — Les Roark

Had this image not been purchased it could have been lost forever. I have been doing genealogy for about 15 years and know how rare this is. — Suzanne Bond

Need to see this for Black History Month. — Paula Ray

Maybe it’s the earliest. But I know I’ve seen other photos of slaves. — Bill Murray

It really sickens me that Missouri was for slavery!!! — Margaret Cardello

Half were, half weren’t. Either case this is 2020. — Doug Cramer

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