‘Yeehaw!’ Here’s the terrible McDonald’s commercial for a Kansas City-themed burger served in the UK

As you may have heard, McDonald’s launched a special summer menu called the “Great Tastes of America,” and one of those tastes is a Kansas City-themed burger in the United Kingdom.

The “Kansas City Stack” is for sale in the U.K. through June 25 and features two beef burgers, bacon, cheese, onions, lettuce and a “smoky steakhouse BBQ sauce” sandwiched between a “BBQ flavored” toasted bun.

Along with the fact that the burger is ostensibly BBQ themed but comes from the House of the McRib, many locals are offended that the marketing copy includes the cowboy phrase “yee-haw,” which they publicly deny using with any regularity.

Even Mayor Sly James — in the last days of his tenure and undoubtedly with his legacy on his mind — got Mad Online about the burger.

Well, the backlash is about to get worse because someone has uploaded the commercial for the Kansas City Stack. It features a woman doing a Blanche DuBois-style heavy Southern accent and talking about how Kansas City is “so famous for steakhouse-style sauces.”

“I’d love to take a deep inhalation of that hickory-smoked aroma—oowee!” she says.

Oowee, indeed.

If you know someone from Kansas City currently in the United Kingdom please drop us a line so we can buy them one of these burgers and get their review.

You can watch the commercial below.

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