6 Father’s Day gift ideas for the cool dad in your life

Our editor, a dad, on what you should buy your dad this year.

Flat-bottomed Carbon Steel Wok

Does dad like to grill? Well, it might be time for him to try his hand at a carbon steel wok. Woks generate tastes you can’t get off the stovetop by quickly searing in flavor at extra-high temperatures. Flat-bottomed carbon steel woks (avoid any type of non-stick coating—it’s not safe for this) work well on a grill that’s at its highest setting, finishing stir fry in a few shakes of the wrist.

World Market, $60

Hand-pump Espresso Maker

Last year, I included the Aeropress in the Father’s Day gift guide. Someone sent me a note encouraging me to try this hand-pump espresso maker, which is a decided upgrade. This nifty little gadget actually generates up to 18 bars of pressure with eight easy pumps. As far as high-quality at-home espresso goes, you’re not going to get close to this without dropping some serious coin. Do be careful filling the shot cup, though, as it’s easy to spill boiling water on your hand.

Nanopresso, $60

Noise-canceling Headphones

I have a friend who reviews headphones for Wired. I also have a five-year-old and neighbors who think they’re still living back on the farm in Iowa. “What are the best noise-canceling headphones on the market?” I asked my friend. These Sonys are his pick. They aren’t cheap, and they don’t work with Siri, but they have a thirty-hour battery life and the best noise-canceling chip in the business. I’ll take two, in case the battery gets low.

Sony WH1000XM3, $350

Bison Leather Slippers

As a very demanding consumer of slippers, like most fathers, I’m always on the lookout for a fresh pair with a soft interior and a thin but durable sole optimized for strolling my manse. These bison leather slippers from L.L. Bean are just the ticket—the double-layered hide is built to conform to the shape of your foot while providing warmth and protection.

L.L. Bean, $110

Beer Glass for Hazy IPAs

Today’s ultra-aromatic hazy IPAs demand glassware that can do those mountains of late-addition hops justice, and the JuicYY is built to channel those aromatics to your nose. The bulbous glass has a solid base to keep it steady without warming your beer with your hand, and the tulip top is elegant and effective.

JuicYY, $40

Fitted Retro Ballcap

’47 makes the best ball caps in the business, and its latest is a homerun. It’s a retro-look relaxed wash cap that’s fitted (size small to double extra large) to your head. The cotton twill has raised embroidery, the cap is green under the visor and they somehow stuffed two recycled plastic pop bottles into the fabric on this thing.

’47 Franchise New, $40

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