A Wagyu Meat Market Is Now Open In Overland Park

Photo Courtesy of Booth Creek Wagyu

Booth Creek Wagyu is a premium Wagyu beef producer based in the Flint Hills just north of Manhattan, Kansas. The company raises, processes and distributes fullblood (100%) and American Wagyu. Since beginning in 2020, Booth Creek is growing rapidly and recently opened a second Wagyu meat market location in Overland Park (13412 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS).

The meat market, located in the Deer Creek Woods shopping center, opened late August. The original store is in Manhattan, Kansas, less than twenty miles from its Flint Hills ranch. 

The 1,400 square-foot store will carry multiple grades of high-quality, Wagyu beef. In addition to steaks, the meat market will stock Wagyu hot dogs, burger patties, ground beef, roasts and snacks like summer sausage, snack sticks and jerky. Booth Creek also ships its products nationwide

“We are excited to bring Wagyu to Overland Park and the Kansas City metro area,” says Booth Creek Founder and CEO Dave Dreiling. “Wagyu has a truly unparalleled taste, as compared to traditional commercial beef. We look forward to helping educate the community, not only on the different flavor profiles, but also the overall health benefits of Wagyu.”

Wagyu beef, originally native only to Japan, is world-famous for its marbling, which is what gives this beef much of its tenderness and flavor. This rich, buttery beef has only been raised in the United States since the late 1970s, and more recently has gained popularity. Today, most Wagyu in America is crossbred with angus or another breed, called “American Wagyu.” 

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