Amber Ayres of Boulevard Brewing tells us her perfect day of food and drink in Kansas City

Amber Ayres
Photos by Zach Bauman

In June, Boulevard made a major upgrade to its space, adding a fourth-floor “Rec Deck” with old-school cruise ship-style shuffleboard courts that are host to weekly leagues. That project falls under the auspices of Amber Ayres, Boulevard Brewing’s director of tours and recreation.

Ayres, who lives in Waldo with her husband, six-year-old son and two scrappy dogs, shares her perfect day of food and drink in Kansas City, as told to Kansas City.

I grew up in Overland Park and moved to Seattle for a good chunk of my adult life. It was like discovering a new city when I moved back. Kansas City had grown and developed such a great art, music and food scene in the time I had been gone.

I grew up in the burbs. My favorite food childhood memory is spending days at the public pool, then walking to Taco Via for lunch. Nachos with peppers tastes like heaven when you are waterlogged and sun-soaked, giggling with your best friend.

Amber Ayres

Breakfast: I love walking to my Waldo neighborhood coffee shop Second Best Coffee (328 W. 85th St., KCMO). I crave their breakfast burritos all week. My favorite breakfast is a blackberry and juniper latte with a curried cauliflower burrito.

Lunch: Boulevard Beer Hall (2534 Madison Ave., KCMO) has delicious, affordable food served quickly. You can be in and out over the lunch hour. Lately I am obsessed with our Harvest Board, which has rustic roasted vegetables, Farm to Market Bread Co. rosemary focaccia and whipped ricotta with house-made citrus vinaigrette. We won’t tell your boss if you pair it with a lunchtime Tank 7.

Dinner: Sometimes I desperately miss living in Seattle. You could get great sushi on every corner. Friends Sushi & Bento’s (1808 W. 39th St., KCMO) sweet potato tempura roll eases the pain.

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