Best of KC is back—here’s when 2021 nominations launch

The Best is back.

After a record-breaking year, Kansas City magazine is preparing to launch the 2021 edition of the Best of KC.

Our annual reader’s choice poll will make its return this Friday, April 2. On that day, you can begin writing in your favorites in three-hundred categories, from best burnt ends to best wedding videographer.

Nominations will close on Friday, April 23.

After we’ve had time to tally the winners, up to five finalists in each category will be announced for the final round of voting on May 13.

Final voting will conclude on June 17 and the winners will be presented in print in our August issue and online on August 1.

Last year’s Best of KC issue exploded in popularity, with the pandemic forcing people to stay inside—and with lots of people looking for ways to support their favorite local businesses at a time many were hurting. We tallied more than 100,000 votes in the first four days of the poll and had more than 350,000 cast in the last round alone. Those numbers were both significant jumps from previous years, and showed just how much readers love their city and want to engage in ways of pointing other’s to their favorites.

You can check out a list of last year’s best of KC winners starting here and here. The winners of the poll included some predictable wins by longtime favorites, like Joe’s Barbecue, but also a number of upstart winners who marshaled strong followings. (Hot tip for anyone looking for the best way to win: Campaign to get support from friends and loyal customers.)

Our August issue will also feature editor’s picks for the best things in Kansas City, which tend to be more offbeat and unique. You can check out last year’s editor’s picks here.

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