Dependable Denim: Denim Maxi Skirts Make A Comeback

Photography by Samantha Levi. Model: Amy Appleton Dreyer.

Once a staple in the post-free love movement of the seventies, classic denim maxi skirts are back—though it never really went out of style.

Long denim maxi skirts are making appearances in many designer Fall 2023 collections, and celebrities like Bella Hadid and Julia Fox have recently been seen wearing the tried-and-true staple. 

Like many recent trends made popular by Gen Z TikTokers, the denim maxi skirt is a piece many of us still remember—or perhaps even still own. It has been prominent in the fashion scene for over fifty years. In the ’70s, upcycled denim maxi skirts mirrored the free-spirited nature of the times. In the ’90s, it was emblematic of the grunge DIY aesthetic made popular by rebels like Courtney Love. 

Today, it represents a bit of both those ideals, pushing back against fast-fashion and micro trends while sending a message of resourcefulness and comfort in these uncertain and fast-moving times. People today are looking for dependable, timeless and comfortable pieces that can easily transition from day to night, which has led to many classic, comfortable pieces coming back in style. And for those still subscribing to the Marie Kondo way of thinking—a clutter-free wardrobe made up of timeless, high-quality pieces—the denim maxi skirt is essential.

While it’s an obvious fall fashion staple, the denim maxi skirt is a transitional piece you can wear for every season and a range of occasions, whether with a loose sweater for a polished boho look or leather boots for a classic autumn vibe.

Denim maxi skirt available at: Nordstrom in Oak Park Mall, Freepeople, Madewell and Evereve.

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