Good news, quarantiners: The best secret pizza pop-up in town is returning with carryout

Cult of Pi/Photo by Samatha Levi

Well, here’s some good news: The best pizza in town, which comes from a backyard oven on a hill overlooking downtown, is making a comeback.

Cult of Pi is a project led by the original Il Lazzarone pizzaiola, Brent Gunnels.

The operation is technically a church, operating on a by-donation basis. It’s a warm-weather thing, and under normal circumstances, they’ be firing up the oven for backyard services about… nowish.

These days are anything but ordinary, though. So it’s great to get the news that Cult of Pi is returning with an adapted format.

“As you may of heard, there’s a quarantine going on, and it’s killing our population. From body mortality, to spirit mortality, we’re longing for experience,” read a church bulletin sent out today. “We still want to share our love for Pi with our congregation. We will share our love for Pi with our congregation!”

The recipe is simple: Cult of Pi is now offering curbside pickup on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays starting tomorrow, Wednesday, April 1.

You can fill out an order form here.

These pies are Neopolitan-tyle, so they’ll only be baked for just over a minute. That means you’ll show up and they’ll fire the pie then deliver it to you to eat (we recommend you do so in your car).

Because this is a church, the pies are paid for by donation. They’re recommended you donate a minimum of $10, but if you can afford to pay more it’s certainly going to be appreciated in these trying times.

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