Kanza Hall has fun and free Friday night line dancing lessons


Kanza Hall

The 10,000-square-foot country bar Kanza Hall (7300 W. 119th St. Overland Park, Kan. 913-451-0444) only opened in 2012, but it has a broken-in country feel thanks to deer heads, sunflower paintings and a mix of country and pop tunes.

On Friday nights, both newbies and experts can join the fun country crowd by participating in free line dance lessons. The dance floor welcomes “everybody from a 21-year-old celebrating her birthday to a 70-year-old that’s been doing this for 40 years,” says Michelle, the “Country Dancing Diva” who has been the dance instructor since 2013.

At 8 pm, dancers gather on the wooden dance floor to learn the basic steps of line dancing. The routine is repeated until everyone feels comfortable, and then the music begins to play and everybody shows off what they’ve learned. Smiles and laughs are abundant as dancers worry more about having a good time than perfect form in their box step. “My number one rule is to have fun!” Michelle says.

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