New study finds Missourians spends less time doing housework than any other state — and Kansas?

Missouri residents spend less time doing housework than any other state, according to a new study by a site called CraftJack.

The study found that in the Show Me State people spend just about one hour per day on tasks like “cleaning, maintaining, repairing and decorating their home.”

Kansas was also well below average, with Sunflower Staters spending 1.3 hours on housework, ranking 38 of 50 overall.

The people who spent the most time on housework were all in New England—one could surmise time spent chopping logs for a wood stove and shoveling snow for six months of the year adds up quickly.

The study also broke down the data by “yardwork” and found that both Missouri and Kansas are in the middle of the pack, 24 and 31 respectively. Damp Oregon residents spent the most time toiling in their yards, while Alaskans didn’t seem to spend much time trying to tame the elements.

On average, Americans spend 1.5 hours per day doing housework. People who own their homes spend more time on housework (1.7 hours per day on average) compared to those who rent (1.2 hours per day on average).

One detail that might raise some eyebrows: The survey found that men overall spend more time than women. That’s true for both interior work (men spend 25 percent more time) and outdoor work (men spend 116 percent more time).

Do men really spend more time cleaning than women?

Are Missourians less tidy than folks in other states or simply more efficient?

Feel free to argue amongst yourselves while in coronavirus quarantine.

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