New wine bar with make your own charcuterie boards comes to Overland Park

Photography by Caleb Condit & Rebecca Norden.

Nowadays, it seems every time you open a menu, or even just your phone, there’s a charcuterie board. While the wildly trendy spread of deli foods is more accessible, elaborate and awe-inspiring than ever before, Vintage ’78 Wine Bar wants to bring it back to the basics—impeccable meats and cheeses. 

Instead of the vague offering of “prosciutto,” at Vintage ’78 you’ll find lomo Ibérico from Spain or rabbit and pork cheek terrine from Smoking Goose in Indianapolis. A direct relationship with gourmet producers allows the restaurant’s cheese grotto to house rare farmstead cheeses like the bright-orange Mimolette or creamy Brillat-Savarin. 

Vintage ’78’s “cheese clock” includes twelve slices of cheeses accompanied by an illustrated guide. The guide breaks the cheeses down into six different categories, from soft, bloomy rinds to harder pressed cheeses like the Spanish Idiazabal made from sheep’s milk. Details like origin and animal type are given in the hopes that customers will leave actually remembering the cheeses they enjoyed.

Hopefully, after you’ve personally selected and experienced your blue-veined Fourme d’Ambert, it sounds a little less like Greek and a little more like cheese.

Vintage ’78 is located at 7251 W. 80th St., Overland Park, KS.

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