Owners of The Campground are opening a new bar alongside a greenhouse

The Campground in the Stockyards

Beloved West Bottoms cocktail bar and restaurant The Campground is getting a sister business – Sagebrush. Sagebrush will be a small cocktail bar, about half the size of The Campground but with no food, located in the Rosedale neighborhood of KCK (1639 Southwest Blvd. KCK). It is expected to open at the end of the year. 

Christopher Ciesiel, who owns The Campground alongside his wife Cristin Llewellyn, says the new bar will be “kind of what we envisioned The Campground being from day one.”

Sagebrush’s interior will be brighter and inspired by the Southwestern high desert. Cocktails will match the interior with a focus on agave distillates and Mexican rums. 

“Mexican rums have a totally different flavor profile compared to, say, Jamaican rums,” Ciesiel says.

The cocktail bar will be in the same building as the Foxtrot Studio and Café, a lifestyle goods store and coffeeshop.  Ciesiel and Llewellyn struck a collaborative relationship with the owners of Foxtrot, who created canvas aprons and leather coasters for The Campground. 

“They’re genuine people. We trust them and they’re creative,” says Ciesiel.

Foxtrot Studio will be undergoing a rebrand and will shift into a garden house concept selling southwest plants, which Ciesiel believes will be “cohesive” with Sagebrush. Customers can grab a cocktail from Sagebrush and walk about the building to visit other shops, such as local woodworker Ben Knoll’s studio and showroom.

The new bar is met with excitement. The buildout has been more of a “natural” process than The Campground, according to Ciesiel.

“Covid took away years two and three which are the years you actually learn how to do things,” Ciesiel says. “We had to learn really quick in a very challenging way. But we got out of it, our staff is kicking butt here.”

Sagebrush will be primarily bar seating, around twenty-five seats. Keep up with Sagebrush on their Instagram @sagebrush.rosedale.

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