Slightly Spicy

Photography by Jillian Bode.

The Northland’s Iron District has a little something for everyone, and for this Kansas City magazine editor, it’s the Unholy Cow sandwich at Ameet Malhotra’s casual Indian fusion dining container.

Yep, that’s right: It’s not a storefront or a stall in a dining hall. It’s in a bright-yellow trucking container called Elephant Wings (1599 Iron St., North Kansas City), and it’s next to other trucking containers housing other joints. Which makes it absolutely perfect.

The Iron District is an artsy, modern-day version of a food court located in North Town’s industrial swath. If not everyone in your party is craving the slightly spicy Unholy Cow’s eclectic mix of spices that truly melt in your mouth, they can dine on tacos or hamburgers—all creatively prepared and presented. 

The Unholy Cow sandwich is, just as its cheeky name suggests, a juicy beef sandwich topped with coriander chutney, pickled cucumbers, red onions and jalapenos, all stuffed into an overflowing baguette. Ordered with a side of Tandoori fries and an iced Masala chai, it’s a near perfect meal.

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