This donut sandwich at Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts gives us life

Humans are programmed to love the taste of fried chicken. It’s that combination of salt and fat and the ultra-satisfying crunch that give us life.

Jamaal and Asiyah Lites Rasheed understand that well. The brother-sister duo recently opened up Brown Sugar Chicken and Donuts in KCK, a cozy cafe where their fried chicken stars across the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. There’s a fried chicken biscuit sandwich for breakfast, and combos feature tenders and wings with a side and a donut. Brown Sugar’s hero is the deluxe chicken and donut sandwich, where a husky breast, fried egg and strips of bacon are stacked between top-and-bottom slices of a fluffy glazed donut.

Asiyah keeps her fried chicken recipe close to her heart. The chicken gets a forty-eight-hour brine with oil, barbecue seasoning and a secret third ingredient she isn’t willing to disclose. Her flour breading is just thick enough, with a spicy bite and miniature mountain ranges of golden flakes. The chicken and donut sandwich is her masterpiece: “It’s that sweet and savory twist that you never knew you needed,” she says.

3708 State Ave., KCK. Open 7 am-6 pm Tuesday-Sunday. Closed Monday.

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