Voting now open for final round of Best of KC

It’s been a rough three months for, well, basically everyone—in Kansas City and abroad.

While no one has been untouched by the coronavirus pandemic, small businesses have been among the hardest hit.

What can we do to make it better? The experts say it’s important to “celebrate everything.”

That is, to use any occasion you can to memorialize good fortune, milestones and things you feel grateful for.

Which is why we’re so happy and proud to be conducting our annual Best of KC readers poll right now.

This annual tradition offers our readers the chance to recognize the people, places and things that make them happy in the city we all love.

Readers had a month to nominate their favorites, and after tabulating the results we’ve settled on three to five finalists in each category.

We know that many of these places are hurting, which might be why we’ve had such an enormous response to this year’s poll.

We actually launched the final round voting on Friday—apologies on the late web post, things have been crazy around here—and we’ve already had more than 100,000 votes cast across more than 250 categories.

Yes, 100,000 votes in four days—a huge response for the launch of this annual poll, which typically only sees a surge in the final days.

That’s a lot of love, KC. And we’re so proud to help spread it.

You can vote now through June 18 right here.

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