We ranked every mascot in Kansas and Missouri — see how your favorite stacked up

Number 1 Mascot: KC Wolf

Chiefs mascot KC Wolf was the first NFL mascot to be enshrined in the Mascot Hall of Fame. Standing 7 feet tall with 85-inch hips, the wolf was introduced in 1989 and is great at impersonating Elvis or tackling his opposing team’s mascot. The wolf has been played by the same guy, Dan Meers, since the day the mascot was introduced.

2: Sluggerrr


The Royals’ regal lion, Sluggerrr, has also been enshrined in the Mascot Hall of Fame, in Whiting, Indiana. You won’t find him “lion” around, though. This mascot is busy pacing the stands photobombing fan pictures and tossing hot dogs into the crowd. He was once sued after cannoning a hot dog at a fan’s face.

3: Big Jay and Baby Jay

Big Jay and Baby Jay KU Mascots

The University of Kansas has two mascots, an inseparable duo of Big Jay, known for his towering height, and Baby Jay, his pint-sized sidekick. Big Jay has a more competitive personality and leads the cheers while Baby Jay brings adorable comic relief.

4: WuShock

WuShock Wichita State Mascot

The Wichita State Shockers bring local spirit to their mascot, who is modeled after a shock of wheat. With highlighter-yellow skin, fuzzy hair and a black jumpsuit, WuShock gets big points for originality and a creepy fierceness.

5: Fredbird

Fred Bird St. Louis Cardnials Mascot

The googly-eyed red bird repping our cross-state baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals, Fredbird can often be found “beaking” fans in the crowd, playing with water guns and tossing T-shirts.

6: Rowdy the Redhawk

Rowdy the Redhawk

Southeast Missouri State recently updated the look of Rowdy the Redhawk, who, quite frankly, used to look like a Walmart Fredbird. The new-look cardinal has a much sharper and robust beak.

7: Willie the Wildcat

Willie the Wildcat KSU Mascot

Kansas State University saves a little money on Willie the Wildcat’s costume by just having him wear a cat mask with a normal human body. What this mascot lacks in full-body costuming he makes up for in athleticism during celebratory pushups, flips and air stunts.

8: Truman the Tiger

Truman the Tiger Mizzou Mascot

This “Tony the Tiger” look alike was named after Missouri-born President Harry S. Truman. The tiger’s iconic tail spins, energetic pushups and fun nature has lead to him being nominated as “Best Mascot in the Nation” multiple times. Although we love his moves, his outfits are unimaginative.

9: Kasey the Kangaroo

Kasey the Kangaroo UMKC Mascot

The University of Missouri-Kansas City’s fighting kangaroo mascot has some history. Originally inspired by a public frenzy over two baby kangaroos at the zoo, Kasey was solidified when fans fell in love with a cartoon drawn by Walt Disney.

10: Boomer the Bear

Boomer the Bear

Missouri State’s Boomer may be one of the friendliest looking mascots, with his adorable brown bear costume, forever smiling face and his happy-go-lucky personality. Boomer ranked lower on the list for his lack of fierceness as an opponent.

11: Billiken


Definitely the strangest mascot, St. Louis University’s grey and white goblin was originally designed after a mythological creature that’s a symbol of good luck before morphing into what we see today.

12: Blue the Dog

Blue the Dog Sporting KC Mascot

Blue, the Sporting Kansas City Weimaraner mascot, scored at the bottom of our list. While his smiling puppy face makes him a friendly figure, the mascot doesn’t seem as committed to crowd engagement and silly antics, as he is often seen entranced by the soccer game.

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