Why top Kansas City real estate agent Kristin Malfer made the jump to tech-driven Compass

Compass didn’t start out as a real estate company.

The tech startup began as an apartment rental site before realizing the tech-driven tools it was developing would be best used in optimizing residential real estate.

Nine years in, Compass is a fast-growing high-tech real estate brokerage that offers what its technology team calls an “operating system.” The goal is to disrupt the real estate industry the same way retail has been revolutionized by Shopify. Among the tools are slick apps that use AI to suggest upgrades that make a home more sellable and quickly turn out video clips to highlight a property.

Compass is now making its presence felt in Kansas City’s real estate market.

When the company announced its arrival in the real estate markets for Kansas City and St. Louis, it also revealed that it’s bringing on forty elite agents that closed a half-billion in sales last year. The first name mentioned was Kristin Malfer. Malfer & Associates is the #3 top-performing real estate team in Kansas City with more than 350 years of combined experience.

Compass offers its agents an in-house marketing team, graphic designers and a concierge service that allows a seller to borrow the money needed to optimize their home for sale at the maximum price possible. By streamlining every part of the process and tracking what works best across the country, Compass is positioning itself to continue building on a program that’s already made it the number one independently owned real estate brokerage in the nation.

Malfer’s team was a keystone piece of another brokerage in town, and so we wanted to know what drew her to Compass—it’s all about the suite of tools.

After so many years with ReeceNichols, why make the switch to Compass?

We chose to move to Compass Realty Group to better elevate the Malfer & Associates brand with exclusive offerings, cutting-edge marketing technology and access to an exclusive network of agents nationwide. The exclusive offerings include the Compass Concierge program, which fronts the cost of home improvement services like flooring and painting, and the Bridge Loan Services program to seamlessly move you into your next home. With these programs, paired with options of strong pre-marketing and listing strategies, we are able to increase our marketing efforts.

As an agent with Compass, we have advanced networking tools created to help us identify other agents who have buyers interested in our clients’ properties. We also have a Private Exclusive program that allows us to market your property internally to over 15,000 other Compass agents.

What sets Compass apart from other local agencies?

Compass has transformed the Kansas City real estate market and changed how we manage real estate business locally. As a growing, independently owned brokerage, Compass aims to recruit the top five percent of agents who have a proven track record of success. With the level of sophistication, the network of agents and the reach available, we are able to better target the right buyers for our listings.

How will sellers and buyers benefit from Compass?

With an in-house creative agency, we are able to elevate our listing materials to another level to market the property beautifully and effectively. Buyers have access to cutting-edge technology to find the homes of their dreams. With Compass, we are able to leverage innovative technology to generate interest and track success. When we are listing a home, we are able to generate pre-marketing buzz and test the list price before the listing hits the market with Compass Coming Soon and Private Exclusive programs. With a network of over 15,000 Compass agents who represent the top agents in the industry, we are able to gain national reach.

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