Kansas City Pizza Slices, Ranked


Guy’s Deli

Patrick here: I was honestly never a huge fan of the old Joe’s, though it did save my life on numerous occasions after 25-cent beer night at Harpo’s. When Guy’s took over the window at Kelly’s Westport Inn, the new owners said they were keeping the old Joe’s Pizza Buy The Slice recipe. On our visit, the manager confessed they “upgraded everything.” The new recipe is a huge improvement.



D’Bronx has been around long enough that there’s a nostalgia factor these days. Sadly, the quality has gone down over the years, but it’s still above average.


Pizza Tascio

It’s the real deal.


Johnny Jo’s

Fast, cheap, appropriately greasy slices on a paper plate. This West Plaza staple has authentic pizza shop vibes—you can tell the guys guys working own frisbee-catching dogs and here have stories about deliveries gone wild.


Milwaukee Delicatessen

Great cheese flavor, but they cut the tip off the slice and threw it in the box next to the slice, like some sort of Sicilian threat.


Leone’s Original

The proprietor of this New York-style pizza joint in Overland Park started his career washing dishes in NYC. That vibe prevails at this slicery, where there are always plenty of pies ready to be finished in the oven and served up with a salad and a bottomless soda.



This is a bar, and it has bar pizza. You could do worse!


Pizza 51

Slow on delivery, light on flavor, heavy on grease. The crust varies between soggy and burned, and if you’re lucky, it might be both.


Providence Pizza

Providence has three locations, and all do slices—including hard-to-find Sicilian-style pizza by the slice. The New York thin-crust pepperoni uses pepps that cup up to make those delightful chalices of grease. The Famous Rick Lang is Sicilian style with thick-cut pepperoni, red sauce, mozzarella, Mike’s Hot Honey and a crunchy, umami-dense sesame seed crust.


Fat Sully’s

This new Westport spot with jumbo-sized slices is a good value after you’ve been playing pool and chugging tallboys at Gambal’s for hours. But as someone who no longer drinks, I thought this slice was super average. Some parts of it were burnt, but I think that might be inevitable with a slice so comically large.


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