A KC needlepoint shop creates custom luggage tags

Photography by Samantha Levi.

Set your baggage apart from the endless line of boring black luggage moving through the baggage claim turnstiles at KCI with a luxurious, customized luggage tag from KC Needlepoint.

The full-service needlepoint store carries a variety of designer needlepoint kits along with custom-designed kits to create one-of-a-kind luggage tag. They have a wide selection of fibers and offer classes for everyone from beginners to experienced needlepointers.  

KC Needlepoint ’s luggage tag collection adds a pop of cute color to enhance any boring bag. Combining simple, nostalgic images with classic needlepoint style, the tags invite the traveler to add a personal, vintage-inspired touch to their bags with a needlepoint kit they can sew on their own. 

Ideal for the beginning sewer, the luggage tags come in a variety of themes that are perfect for anywhere you want to travel. From blue and green mountains to a minimalist golden palm tree-lined beach to a simple yellow taxi, these tags look like they’re ripped straight from a Wes Anderson-inspired adventure. 

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