These Spectacular Spuds are Fully Loaded

Photography by Caleb Condit & Rebecca Norden.

From a purely economic vantage, Thomas Clark, the TC of TC’s Fully Loaded, seems to be onto something. Potatoes are cheap and filling. But Clark has taken the potato concept one step further. 

Served from his food truck, which makes stops around town at places like Made Mobb on Southwest Boulevard and the Price Chopper on Bannister Road, Clark has added an assortment of thematic toppings to his spuds, creating something not only hearty but also tasty. 

The Mr. Krabz, a baked potato topped with crab, is unexpectedly delicious, and the ability to find such flavorful crab meat outside the Midtown Crab District is a pleasant surprise. And if the crab wasn’t enough, it’s topped off with a layer of sauced, snappy shrimp that makes you feel like you could be in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Surprisingly, the potato skin might be the best part. It’s slightly charred and then rolled in savory seasonings that are also sold separately via TC’s online store.

Clark started selling “fully loaded” potatoes from his apartment and migrated online during the pandemic. Now in the truck, Clark broadcasts his upcoming locations on social media. We hope the rumors are true and there is a brick-and-mortar location in this potato purveyor’s future, but until then, check their Facebook and Instagram @tcsfullyloaded for weekly locations.

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