Local Plant Expert Dee Ferguson Can Turn Just About Anything into a Pot

Roots KC
Photography by Samantha Lee Photography

If plants could talk, they’d say they need new digs—and Dee Ferguson believes in turning just about anything into a planter. Among her most striking creations are mouth planters ($35). Made from porcelain ashtrays, they’ve been repurposed to hold succulents where you’d imagine a tongue would be. Ferguson also recently designed Chinese takeout box planters ($40) that are 3D printed and finished with chopsticks, which can be used for stem support. Both the mouth and takeout planters include potted plants. You can find Ferguson’s designs in her plants and pots pop-up shop rOOTS around Kansas City and on the third floor of Bella Patina every first weekend of the month. Ferguson’s unique planters often sell out quickly. 

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