The Writing’s on the Wall

Photography by Alexandra Rhoades.

While wallpaper may seem like a relic from a bygone era, statement wallpaper is reinventing the way people think.

Interior design trends are now focusing on holistic, cohesive design for the whole room—and wallpaper can make a bold statement as an accent wall, becoming a piece of art itself. Subtler patterns can be used on every wall to make a space look more contemporary and artful.

Lawrence-based Poppy Print Studio sells wallpaper locally made by founder and designer Jennifer Hunt, who uses her art background to create rich prints. The papers vary from bold black and white designs with a retro-modern feel to hand-painted colorful foliage and minimalistic subtle patterns created with brushstrokes.

Varying in style, color and pattern, these prints can be used subtly or boldly to transform and elevate any space. 

“I am always a fan of eclectic style, but it’s especially trending now—mixing modern furniture with ethnographic vintage textiles, using stone, metal and wood creatively in the same room,” says Hunt, who attended the Maryland Institute College of Art. “And, of course, wallpaper has become a more essential design element for the well-designed space again. People are feeling more confident in their personal tastes and creativity, thus looking for bold or large-scale prints that will have a high impact.” 

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