6 extremely extra local hot dogs for when ketchup and mustard are just too basic

Nothing says summer quite like a hot dog.

And in Kansas City, you don’t have to settle for ketchup and mustard—we’ve got hot dogs that veer hard toward extra-ness.

Here are six favorites from around town.

Ssong’s Dog at Ssong’s

Earlier this year, we welcomed a newcomer to the local hot dog scene—Korean hasdogeu from Ssong’s Hotdog in OP (ssongshotdogks.com). A beef frank is speared on a stick, coated in a panko, rice flour and wheat flour batter, deep-fried and served with a host of condiments.

Chorizo Rojo Dog at Weiner Kitchen

Wiener Kitchen’s (wienerwagonkc.com) glorious hot dog-burrito mashup starts with a house-made chorizo sausage wrapped in a handmade hybrid flour and masa tortilla, then gets topped with an onion-jalapeno relish, hot sauce, cilantro-lime aioli and a fried egg.

Mama Mia at Fric & Frac

Fric and Frac’s (fricandfrac.net) homage to an American classic and our fair town’s Italian heritage extends to its hot dog menu, where you will find the Mama Mia: Italian sausage slathered with basil marinara and mozzarella on a sesame roll.

Chili Cheese Dog at Tay’s Burger Shack

The next time you’re at Tay’s Burger Shack (1019 Armour Road, North Kansas City), go against the grain and order the chili cheese dog. The chili is made with grass-fed Missouri beef and boasts a zesty punch of spice—perfect when it’s ladled over a Nathan’s Famous hot dog.

The Oklahoma at the Brick

The Brick’s (thebrickkcmo.com) humble all-beef hot dog gets a long strip of bacon luxuriously twirled around the frank, plus a brief dunk into a thick Boulevard beer batter and a trip to the deep-fryer before being topped with onions and mustard in a bun.

Jack Russell at Charlie Hooper’s

Why eat your mac and cheese out of a bowl when you could eat it on top of a hot dog like a real champion? The Jack Russell dawg at Charlie Hooper’s (charliehoopers.com) has your two favorite childhood meals in one mouthful, topped with bacon.

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