What readers had to say about Jackson Mahomes’ battle with a local cocktail bar

Jackson Mahomes, brother of Patrick Mahomes, has attacked a local cocktail bar on Instagram—the bar punched back.

Our story with the most engagement since our last issue—and, indeed, for all of 2021—was the war of words between Crossroads cocktail spot SoT and Patrick Mahomes’ controversial kid brother.

The younger Mahomes was not treated how he expected to be treated by servers at the bar and lashed out using his verified Instagram account. “The service is absolutely terrible and the servers are so rude,” he posted, following up with responses from people who agreed.

SoT posted a snarky “apology” which went viral, first being reported by Kansas City but soon getting coverage across the country. “We are sorry that we set boundaries that you tried to ignore,” read the statement. “Oftentimes people with un-earned status and a sense of entitlement think they are above the rules and will lash out at the employee enforcing them.”

The bar later deleted that post and shared a sincere apology. Our readers universally condemned for Jackson Mahomes.

Here’s a sample of what they said:

Any one of us would have difficulty adjusting to twenty-one-year-old life when our closest sibling was suddenly worth a billion dollars. And it’s not going to change until PM15 throws some tough love his way. The kid will figure it out eventually. But he obviously enjoys the attention. So stop giving it to him. —Phil Kloster

I follow him on Instagram for the entertainment value (while low) of situations like this. I think they roasted him pretty well. —Keila Hall

Frankly, I love this. Glad someone called him out on his nonsense and sense of entitlement. —Joan Richardson Lynch

He’s wearing us out. KC’s not that complicated. Just be a good human & the city will be good to you. —Patrick Madden

Patrick needs to hire a “handler” for Jackson. For the hit Patrick takes to his reputation as a good community leader because of Jackson’s juvenile antics, it would be a good investment. —Tim Hunter

I’ve been to SoT several times! It’s a quiet, unique place where they serve high quality, high priced specialty cocktails. I wouldn’t categorize this as a “bar.” It’s definitely more of a “vibe” where you sit in leather seats positioned where you can easily converse in low lit areas. This is not a place you would go to party and act a fool. You wanna party?? Go sit at the kids table in Westport. —Tiffany Dooley

He needs to start acting more like his brother and less like the “entitled celebrity” he is because of his brother’s fame. Jackson, you’re only famous because of your brother’s accomplishments and none of your own except acting like a jackass! I feel really sorry for Patrick to have to continuously correct the immaturity of his younger brother! Kansas City is laughing at you bro! SoT is awesome. —Melissa Baska

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