Sura Noodle Bar brings savory Korean flavors and industry gold standard ingredients

Photo by Caleb Condit and Rebecca Norden

Korean ramyun culture is, in some ways, more similar to American than Japanese—the Korean soup is more typically a quick and humble home-cooked meal instead of a dish built off fresh noodles served in lively late-night shops that are a fixture of urban life.

“In Korea, what we know is packaged,” says Sura Eats chef-owner Keeyoung Kim. “The Japanese have made it a craft with dedicated shops to highlight just noodles. Our kimchi shin ramyun is a homemade take on packaged noodles.”

With his new noodle pop-up at Parlor food hall, Kim brings Korean flavors and ingredients to bowls featuring noodles from industry gold-standard Sun. When it comes to ramyun, you’re probably looking for big umami, and you’ll find a potent punch of that in Sura’s pork broth with pork belly and shiitake mushrooms, which gets further flavor from kimchi, roasted seaweed and a soy marinated egg and some kick from chile-sesame oil.

GO: The Sura Noodle Bar pop-up runs through the end of April at Parlor, 1707 Locust St., KCMO,

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