Four great Kansas City non-restaurants

Kitty's Cafe is one of the best burgers in Kansas City/Photo by Jeremey Theron Kirby

Our definition of a restaurant for the purposes of our top 40 list is a place where you can sit and eat comfortably that maintains regular hours at least a few days per week. Here are a few spots that have great food but didn’t meet that criteria.

The 40 best restaurants in Kansas City right now

Corvino is the best restaurant in Kansas City right now/Photography by Caleb Condit and Rebecca Norden

For the first time since December 2019, we’re presenting a full update to our list of the forty best restaurants in Kansas City.

Why Chewology is our 2022 Restaurant of the Year

Photo by Zach Bauman

Kansas City was in desperate need of quality dumplings, and Katie Liu answered the bat signal.